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WordPress 2.2.1 & K2 v0.9.6

WordPress updates, something WordPress.com users don’t have to care about, but hey, where is the fun then?

I hesitated in updating my WordPress installation because there were apparently some conflicts between the K2 sidebar modules and the now newly in WordPress built in widgets.

After a short discussion this afternoon about K2 v0.9.6 and WordPress 2.2.1 I decided to finally do the update too. And it went smoothly, as promised. Well, basically, except for some minor issues with the Get Recent Comments plugin and the STP widget. But thanks to the powerful sidebar modules you can easily replace them by PHP sidebar modules containing a few simple lines of code.

Radio widget

Just found this nice Dashboard widget: (unofficial) FM4 widget.

Runs in the background, occupies less CPU-power than Quicktime and integrates FM4 Trackservice.

(unofficial) FM4 widget

FM4, if you don’t know it, is an excellent *alternative* Austrian radio station. All morning shows (until 1pm CET) are in English language and there is also an official stream on their website available if you’d like to give it a try.

Performancing WordPress Widget

As you might have noticed by the new huge ad badge in my sidebar, I’m now a proud partner of Performancing. Even though it’s pretty straight-forward, you still have to add a few lines of Performancing code by hand to your WordPress theme in order to integrate Performancing into your blog.

I wanted to place Performancing somewhere on my sidebar. Since my sidebar is managed by the fantastic Widgets plugin, I was looking for a Perfomancing widget. No luck, couldn’t find one. So I quickly wrote one by myself. Well, I took an existing GPL Widget and modified it to fit my needs.

If you want to use it too, feel free to download it here.

Installation is like with any other widget: unpack and upload it to your plugins/widgets folder, activate it in your plugins menue and then drag it somewhere onto your sidebar.

There are only three Widget options to set:

  1. Widget title (default: Performancing Partners)
  2. Blog ID (obligatory! your blogid given by Performancing)
  3. Widget alignment (default: center)

If you have any suggestions or troubles please post them here.

This software is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL.