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EUROSTAT follow up

Yesterday we found out about the NUTS region codes update at EUROSTAT. Today I had the chance to dig a little deeper and try to find a workaround for non-matching regional data. So far we’ve got an updated EUROSTAT which looks, in combination with non-updated GISCO geographic data something like this:


The map illustrates the coverage of available regional data in Europe. For testing I’ve chosen an unproblematic regional indicator which is usually available for entire Europe: population 2004 on NUTS3 level.

A verbal description of all region code changes can be found in this document. The map above visualizes most changes (because change = no data available any more).

It used to be possible to cover EU27 (with a few region code tweaks even Romania and Bulgaria), EFTA and candidate countries. Seriously, that’s not my understanding of a successful data update.

However, all overview maps I’ve seen so far (well, only those in the *new directory* of the NUTS documentation) are already updated to NUTS 2006 codes. So there is hope that GISCO updates the downloadable data soon.


The definitive geographical dataset with the new NUTS 2006 boundaries is presently under development. We expect that the data will be ready for downloading before the end of May.

Mac OS X Leopard Amazon discounts

Amazon (.de) is giving away 10 EUR discounts if you order Mac OS X Leopard v10.5 before 1.11.2007. Just go there and enter following code to your order: AMZNLPRDAPPL.

It’s Amazon Germany and the code is probably only valid there.

I personally will wait until all the “Leopard shredded my disk and drank all my beer” whining is gone and the system is stable and ready for productive use. So let’s say starting with 10.5.2.

WordPress 2.2.1 & K2 v0.9.6

WordPress updates, something WordPress.com users don’t have to care about, but hey, where is the fun then?

I hesitated in updating my WordPress installation because there were apparently some conflicts between the K2 sidebar modules and the now newly in WordPress built in widgets.

After a short discussion this afternoon about K2 v0.9.6 and WordPress 2.2.1 I decided to finally do the update too. And it went smoothly, as promised. Well, basically, except for some minor issues with the Get Recent Comments plugin and the STP widget. But thanks to the powerful sidebar modules you can easily replace them by PHP sidebar modules containing a few simple lines of code.