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Local traffic information

BaustelleThe Austrian automobile club ÖAMTC now publishes traffic information (road works and traffic jams) about the Austrian road network as KML file. Originally designed for desktop applications like Google Earth, but faster and more convenient viewed online as Google Maps overlay.

Anyways, by its nature I would consider GeoRSS as the format of choice for publishing that type of information: a frequently updated news feed containing geocoded items. If KML is taking over that ground too (after heading towards a de-facto standard for online geodata), what’ll be left for GeoRSS then?

The point is that I don’t really see the need of KML and embedding styling information, etc. in this case. The value lies in the information rather than the representation. A syndicated GeoRSS news feed, for instance, I can receive on my mobile news reader too. Even though my mobile news reader doesn’t provide any features for mapping geocoded items yet, but at least I’m be able to get traffic information on the way, when traffic information is essential. On the other hand, how many potential users are able to view KML on the way?

Andrew Turner provides an excellent further read in this KML & GeoRSS context.

An extra traffic information RSS feed is on the site available too, but with less items and not geocoded. However, the initial question remains: why prefer KML for publishing frequently updated location aware content over GeoRSS?

The INBOX for the web

Although I think the latest Google Reader update provides a great user experience, I’m missing the search bar somewhere in the new interface.

I’d like to filter and search for keywords within my news feed items as I can do it with my messages in Gmail.

Btw, isn’t it strange that Google, of all internet-companies, removed the search bar of one of its applications?