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iPhone GPS module

TomTom GPS Module on iPhoneReason enough to reconsider my current minimalistic mobile gadget strategy: rumors say that TomTom is doing a GPS module for the iPhone.

Sweet, though, built-in would be sweeter than plugged-in. [via Geograffiti]

Update: the picture and news about the TomTom iPhone GPS module turned out to be fake, but today Engadget reports about another iPhone GPS hack. So I guess there is something cooking…

Cool GPS

Like every year right before the infamous Macworld Expo in San Francisco, many rumors about what’s next coming out of Apple’s pipe are making the round. As Mac user it’s pretty hard to stay out of this circus.

Anyways, especially this rumor, about integrating GPS technology in Apple products and making their devices sort of location aware, has called my attention.

What could it mean?

GPS technology, besides its use in industry and in-car navigation systems, is currently an alpha geek gadget. There are a few early adopters, like the geocaching scene or OSM, who enjoy playing around with GPS. But it’s still a small user group and not ready for the mass market.

As seen many times before, Apple’s marketing department can easily stamp the word COOL on a product and turn an alpha geek gadget into a lifestyle product.

I think if Apple would suddenly start integrating GPS in Mac OS X or any other Apple product, it would

  1. bring considerable attention from the entertainment sector to that technology,
  2. probably trigger development of new (entertaining) GPS applications and
  3. GPS would definitely become a COOL thing.

So, this year again, I’m anxiously looking to San Francisco on Tuesday.

iPhone released

Ok, so rumors turned out to be true and magic iPhone was released today. Not as new fancy Apple gadget though, but as VOIP phone solution made by Linksys. (via heise online)

How great is that!

Still, I’m wondering if Apple doesn’t own any imaginable iYouNameIt patent…

Magic iPhone

Just impressing how a one-liner manages going up on digg. No need for reporting about uninteresting details like features or something. Magic iPhone markets itself.

Sure, there is a good chance that it’ll come nicely designed, probably having an interesting usability too. But still, it’ll be a phone.

What do people expect of wonderPhone?

What would I expect of a new phone?

Actually I would like to see more or less the same features my phone already has (how un-fancy and boring!), but easier accessible by an improved user interface and usability:

  • all my contacts and friends with every contact detail, quickly search able
  • calendar, with better editing features
  • messaging – email, sms, im, blog – with improved writing features, I don’t like writing messages on the phone at all
  • a good camera and display with easy upload – flickr, blogging, etc. – features
  • request: gps enabled with routing and other location based services
  • request: music, replacing my iPod nano by a phone would be great
  • request: wifi enabled, would like to use VOIP and faster web access
  • constraint: size and battery life must remain at least the same.

There is probably some room left for improvements in the mobile phone business. But I heavily doubt it’ll be a revolutionary new Apple gadget. Well, lets see what comes out of Apple’s pipe (if there is something in…).

Just my 2 cents on the iPhone hype.

New iPod Video widescreen

Check this video (“the making off”) to find out more about the new iPod Video widescreen!

Marketing rule #1

How can that be?

Every IT news site is reporting about the super-duper Google communication service which is supposed to be announced tomorrow. What will it be? Another instant messaging service based on jabber (because talk.google.com was running a jabber server like a few sites said) or a VOIP service to compete with Skype?

However, observing those speculations I got amused about that probably the best marketing campaign is no marketing campaign. Feed the rumor sites with some hints, they’ll spread the information for you directly to your target group. Instead of commenting the rumors threaten those sites with your lawyers to stimulate discussions around the rumors (“Buhh! The big evil unfair company!”). People will get interested in what’s going on and of course in your brand/products. News sites will start publishing articles about the rumors so that you’ll end up having your commercials and ads placed across the web without paying anything.

Apple definitely are professionals in using that method, Google apparently has learned from them.