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What can Towns learn from OpenStreetMap?

Last week at the Ignite Spatial: Boston event I gave a short talk – 5min, 20 automated slides, 15sec each – about OpenStreetMap and why I think it can be interesting for town administrations to look at the OpenStreetMap model. In a nutshell:

  • OpenStreetMap is successfully based on open crowdsourcing, a horizontal multi-directional work-flow model, to build and maintain the world’s largest free geospatial database.
  • Open crowdsourcing helps to collect local knowledge across your residents, improve local geospatial data, engage residents and provide a 24/7 feedback loop for them.
  • Wide variety of data and information distribution: OpenStreetMap allows output from raw data access for developers to print map renderings for tourists.
  • Built-in data interoperability: no matter how many or in what part of the world people are contributing to the project, it all fits together to one piece.

Bottom line: towns should take a serious look at OpenStreetMap and the underlying model. It’s proven to work in many places and provides some valid points town administrations can benefit from.

There should be videos of all presentations online at some point. My colleagues Holly and Chris talked about our 3D video game/planning participation project in Chinatown and about the 10 most wanted data sets (and one state GIS department at stake) we would like to see to for better planning decisions in the Metro Boston region.

Update: Videos of Ignite Spatial: Boston are now available on YouTube. That’s me, struggling through the format ;-)

Digitalks GeoServices

A week ago Helge and I were invited to host a Digitalks session about GeoServices. Digitalks is an interesting event series in Vienna, aimed to explain recent media and technology developments to a “normal”, not so tech-savvy audience. Meral, the woman behind Digitalks, usually tries to invite early adopters or enthusiasts who are passionate about media and technology to host a session. There’s no PowerPoint in Digitalks, only live demos and hands-on are allowed, which is good and makes the presentations very lively, although it doesn’t always work as expected.

Anyways, I felt honored to be invited and talk a little about GeoServices. Helge did a brilliant job in presenting OpenStreetMap and explaining the revolutionary aspects of the project. I tried to give an overview of the grown variety of geographic applications in the internet since the first appearance of map mashups in 2005 and showing some recent location based services on a mobile device. If I’d have had a closer look at the attendees list first, I probably would’ve had chosen a few other things to demo. The ratio expert/novice of the audience was actually more leaning towards expert, so I hope it wasn’t too obvious for most people.

Thanks again to Meral for inviting us and many thanks to Luca for taping the session on video!

PS: the next Digitalks is about Microblogging, hosted by Twitter, should be interesting!

cu @ bcv08

BarCamp Vienna 2008

Next weekend a BarCamp is taking place again in Vienna, organized by Dieter, Max and Michaela (thanks all!) at HP’s office space.

Alex and I would like to take the opportunity and introduce, talk about and discuss our project timatio. And I would be interested in doing a session about OpenStreetMap – advantages, use case scenarios or licensing issues compared to other map sources for instance.

Great experiences at former BarCamps let me look forward to an interesting event next weekend. Be there!


That was by far the most amazing moment of the day: a kid instantly figured out how our user interface works and started playing around with the map.



Next weekend, as part of the Art and Cartography symposium, the exhibition “zoomandscale” will take place at the Academy of Fine Arts and Kunsthalle Wien project space karlsplatz.

We participate with 2 projects in the exhibition at Kunsthalle project space:

The opening is on Friday evening, celebrated with 4 hour presentation block of all participating art projects (no comment on that), and somehow reserved for symposium attendees – there is an entry fee for public visitors. Saturday and Sunday it’s open to the public, without entry fees.

Basically I’ll be there during the weekend, but not all the time. If you would like to meet and hear some details and backgrounds about the projects, please drop me a note (or comment) before and we figure something out.

Below is all the official information about the event:

art and cartography - zoomandscale


The exhibition „zoomandscale“ in the context of the symposium „Art and Cartography – Cartography and Art“ shows a range of international artists concerned with maps in a wider sense. The exhibition presents a
variety of positions oscillating between artistic cartography and cartographic art which put into perspective the normative claim of strictly scientific cartography.
Knowing that the map is not the territory but its interpretation we allow different readings of territorial representations. In fact, artists´ maps may capture issues which cartographers´ “scientific” maps would never describe. Whereas the scientific attempt to describe the world makes a normative claim by using rational systems like longitude and latitude, artistic methods use opposite approaches by challenging or ignoring these coordinates. They may even take the liberty to shift points of reference to unexpected grounds. This is what makes maps so intriguing: they communicate different views of our world and help us understand its complexity.
The exhibition “zoomandscale” takes a closer look at the relation between objectivity and interpretation and presents works ranging from maps as reflection of the individual, up to studies of social fields and cityspaces. “zoomandspace” raises the question how to describe places as reference points for strategies of orientation and how maps as metaphors can describe spatial, social and psychological realities.

Thursday 31.01.2008
Academy of Fine Arts, Aula
Schillerplatz 3, 1010 Vienna
18:00h Gallery Opening

Peter Dykhuis [CA], Wolfgang Fiel [AT],
Gabu Heindl [AT], Christian Mayer [AT],
Manuela Mourao [US], Nasrine Seraji, [FR/AT],
Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch [AT], Ludo Slagmolen [NL],
Laurene Vaughan [AU], Ruth Watson [NZ]

Opening hours exhibtion [free entry]
Friday 01.02.2008 13-18:00h
Saturday 02.02.2008 13-21:00h
Sunday 03.02.2008 13-18:00h

Friday 01.02.2008
Kunsthalle Wien project space karlsplatz, Auditory
Treitlstraße 2, 1040 Vienna
18:00h Gallery Opening
Presentation / Discussion [entry: reduced fee]
Helen Chang / Stefan Gruber [AT], Wolfgang Fiel [AT],
Theresa Häfele [AT], Maria Holter [AT], Hosoya Schaefer
Architects [CH], Sabine Müller-Funk [AT], Waltraud Palme [AT],
probosics [UK], Christian Spanring [AT], Titusz Tarnai +
Students of IKA [AT], Evamaria Trischak [AT]

Opening hours exhibition [free entry]
Saturday 02.02.2008, 16-24:00h
Sunday 03.02.2008, 13-19:00h

Friday 01.02. + Saturday 02.02.2008
Vienna University of Technology
Main Building, 1st floor, Boecklsaal
Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Vienna

Symposium [language: english, entry: registration fee]
Friday 01.02.2008, 08:30-17:30h
Saturday 02.02.2008, 09.00-18:00h


BarCamp notes

The BarCamp Vienna last Saturday proved again that (un)conferences focused on coffee breaks work very well – interesting sessions, chats and people, combined with the pleasant atmosphere of werkzeugH.

Some notes I made during that day…

  • the blogroll will celebrate a huge comeback
  • it’s easy to do what Google does, crawling the internet, well, at least the syndicating part of it. best quote of the day:

    internet scanned. done. so what now?

  • business sense and ethics aren’t mutually exclusive
  • don’t waste your time looking for early stage funding in Vienna. impossible. go look somewhere else.
  • don’t quit your dayjob while working on your startup (in Vienna)
  • with a little help of iUI you can make your website iPhone optimized within 4 hours
  • the major drawback of any collaboration tool is team discipline (and the wiki syntax)
  • there are potential synergies between map mashups and spatial planning

More BarCamp reviews can be found at Tschilp, Sekante, Stormgrass, Wissen Belastet, datenschmutz, …

Thanks to all organizers for making this happen!