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Google Reader Theme

Google Reader ThemeBeing a big fan of Google Reader, for reasons like keyboard short-cuts or tags instead of folders, I’m really glad to have finally found this Google Reader Theme developed by hicksdesign (it’s around since April though).

Clearly, it adopts much of the Mac OS X UI style, but still, it’s amazing how you can improve usability only by applying a decent CSS: the sidebar appears better organized and articles itself are easier readable than without the theme.

Adding the two extra style definitions as mentioned in the comment section here makes it even better.

If you’re using Google Reader, you definitely should give it a try.

Web apps

Wired News:

Livin’ la Vida Google: A Month-Long Dive Into Web-Based Apps

Full ACK. Especially Gmail’s web interface – had to switch to it a few weeks ago because FON is experiencing some troubles with Gmail’s pop servers and therefore I couldn’t download emails using my local email client any longer – is one of the most convenient ways to handle and manage emails I’ve seen so far.

Google Reader too, it helps you to easily oversee a large amount of feeds and posts (even if it’s the only Google application that still lacks of a search function).

My main concerns are of course about privacy. I really don’t care if Googlebot parses “buy tomatoes” in my Google Notebook and shows me a tomato ad at the next available AdSense spot, but I never ever would put confident or sensitive data on Google’s servers.

Overlooked Google Reader feature?

Since there is no announcement I guess I must have overlooked this Google Reader feature. In Google Reader you can categorize your subscriptions by assigning them to different “folders” (btw, why not tags or categories, why folders? this is so Web 1.0!). To do so you have to go to “manage subscriptions” and tag each of your subscribed feeds.

Right after adding a new feed there was no way (at least I didn’t see it) to assign the new feed directly to folders. You always had to leave the feed display, go to “manage subscriptions”, then remember the name of the newly added feed and assign it to folders.

This morning, after adding a new feed to my Reader, I got this option above the feed display:

Google Reader - Add to folder...


The INBOX for the web

Although I think the latest Google Reader update provides a great user experience, I’m missing the search bar somewhere in the new interface.

I’d like to filter and search for keywords within my news feed items as I can do it with my messages in Gmail.

Btw, isn’t it strange that Google, of all internet-companies, removed the search bar of one of its applications?