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Art & Cartography blog

Information about activities related to the ICA working group “Art & Cartography” is now on their blog available:

This working group, which is part of the International Cartographic Association (ICA), has been created in August 2008 to explore the increasing relations between art and cartography, and to stimulate new forms of interaction.

Personally I find that field very fascinating and looking forward to see more events/publications coming from that direction.

ICA Working Group Art & Cartgraphy

Subscribe to a category

Categories and tags in blogs are useful. They help readers filter the content. Most blogging tools, like WordPress, offer extra feeds based on categories and tags too.

As for WordPress, once the FeedBurner plugin is installed, all your tag and category pages point to the FeedBurner feed, which is the main feed, as alternate link. This behaviour is especially annoying when you try to subscribe only to a single category of a blog. Unless you’re familiar with the url-schema of the blog and know how to point your news reader exactly to the category feed, you’ll end up seeing always the main feed in your reader.

Yahoo! Pipes is very handy at that point and makes mashup and post-process syndicated data very easy. A quick developed Yahoo! Pipe helped me to find a workaround for that issue and add the tumble category to my tumblelog, where I aggregate almost every trace I leave online.

The Yahoo! Pipe is quite simple: enter a blog url and category (or tag), hit run pipe and see the blog feed filtered by the desired category (or tag). It worked for me on a WordPress feed published via FeedBurner, a Serendipity feed but had problems with a Moveable Type feed. I didn’t spend too much time figuring out what’s wrong with the Moveable Type feed, but since it’s published everyone can play around and fix it.

Facebook lies!

Facebook lies

Or Blog Friends, a Facebook application for your friend’s blogs. Strangely Michaela isn’t even registered at Facebook… well, never trust the friend finder!

Nothing to say so blog

Blog Metrics

Clicky Web AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is free (well, there is a limit for free use but I think it’s about a 7 digit page view number) and is certainly one of the most comprehensive tools in terms of web site traffic analysis. It’s powerful and provides excellent reporting tools.

I have used Google Analytics and I’m still using it on some sites, however, after testing Clicky for the last couple of weeks I ordered a Premium account today. Clicky isn’t nearly as complete as Google Analytics, but it provides a very slick functional user interface, easy blog integration and an API. Perfect for tracking a low traffic blog.

I’m a curious person, I want to know who are my visitors, what are they doing here, where they came from and where they’ll go. Clicky gives me easy overviews and quick answers to all of those points.

Depending on what site you’re running and how much traffic is generated, Clicky currently doesn’t accept sites with more than 10.000 page views per day, but for low traffic blogs, the long tail of the blogosphere, I definitely can recommend Clicky.

Blog spot

Usually the German blogosphere isn’t getting tired of complaining about the lack of revenue opportunities on the German market compared to the US blogosphere.

But some German blogs definitely must generate some considerable income: I just saw an ad on TV for BILDblog.de, a watchblog about the infamous German newspaper BILD Zeitung.

I really don’t know how much the production and broadcasting of a 50sec TV spot can be, but I would suppose it’s slightly more than running an AdWords campaign.

If more TV spots would be of that quality, ad watching could actually be much more entertaining!

WordPress 2.2.1 & K2 v0.9.6

WordPress updates, something WordPress.com users don’t have to care about, but hey, where is the fun then?

I hesitated in updating my WordPress installation because there were apparently some conflicts between the K2 sidebar modules and the now newly in WordPress built in widgets.

After a short discussion this afternoon about K2 v0.9.6 and WordPress 2.2.1 I decided to finally do the update too. And it went smoothly, as promised. Well, basically, except for some minor issues with the Get Recent Comments plugin and the STP widget. But thanks to the powerful sidebar modules you can easily replace them by PHP sidebar modules containing a few simple lines of code.