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cu @ bcv08

BarCamp Vienna 2008

Next weekend a BarCamp is taking place again in Vienna, organized by Dieter, Max and Michaela (thanks all!) at HP’s office space.

Alex and I would like to take the opportunity and introduce, talk about and discuss our project timatio. And I would be interested in doing a session about OpenStreetMap – advantages, use case scenarios or licensing issues compared to other map sources for instance.

Great experiences at former BarCamps let me look forward to an interesting event next weekend. Be there!

BarCamp notes

The BarCamp Vienna last Saturday proved again that (un)conferences focused on coffee breaks work very well – interesting sessions, chats and people, combined with the pleasant atmosphere of werkzeugH.

Some notes I made during that day…

  • the blogroll will celebrate a huge comeback
  • it’s easy to do what Google does, crawling the internet, well, at least the syndicating part of it. best quote of the day:

    internet scanned. done. so what now?

  • business sense and ethics aren’t mutually exclusive
  • don’t waste your time looking for early stage funding in Vienna. impossible. go look somewhere else.
  • don’t quit your dayjob while working on your startup (in Vienna)
  • with a little help of iUI you can make your website iPhone optimized within 4 hours
  • the major drawback of any collaboration tool is team discipline (and the wiki syntax)
  • there are potential synergies between map mashups and spatial planning

More BarCamp reviews can be found at Tschilp, Sekante, Stormgrass, Wissen Belastet, datenschmutz, …

Thanks to all organizers for making this happen!

Be there!

BarCamp Vienna Januar 2008

Next Saturday, 26th Jan 2008, BarCamp Vienna is going to take place at the infamous WerkzeugH again.

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60+ registrations and some quite interesting session proposals listed at the BarCamp wiki will result in an exciting event again!

However, one thing I’d like to see more at such events is crossborder exchange: Bratislava and Györ are at a 1 hour distance, Brno is a 2 hour drive from Vienna. A BarCamp is an excellent opportunity to get in touch with a bunch of innovative people in an informal setting. I really would like to encourage everybody located in the Central European region and interested in new media and technology trends to join the unconference next weekend in Vienna. It’s worth the short travel!

Lessons learned today

  1. Google killed the hyperlink by introducing PageRank. The idea behind PageRank (the more links point to a site, the higher the site’s relevance) makes some of us be suspicious before clicking a link. Why is this link there? Does it provide further information for me or is it just a backlink to increase the target site’s PageRank? Am I’m going to be cheated? Before Google came, hyperlinks provided information and content, not backlinks. Yes, once upon a time, content was the scale for relevance.
  2. Internet is fun. Social software is even more fun and questioning male ranking concepts is allowed. People, don’t take it too serious!
  3. The last word on blog-usability isn’t spoken yet. The constantly changing chronological site structure is irritating. And that’s only the beginning.
  4. In Austrian rural areas you can do solid business while enjoying a relaxing life.
  5. None of the BarCamp alpha geeks today had an iPhone. The iPhone is an illusion.
  6. Currently there is no way to make easy money with blogs.
  7. I support the Free Burma Action because I felt the need to do something. I’m a lucky person, I was born into a world where previous generations already had fought for my rights. I’m deeply impressed by the people in Burma, who stand peacefully up in front of armed soldiers, demanding nothing more than democracy. Something I experienced my entire life as given. Nobody can tell if this action will help, but it’s still better than do nothing and wait what happens next. Thanks to all the valuable input at the Free Burma Session!
  8. Who’s a blogger, who’s not. Or, does anybody really care about that term?
  9. Metablogs are out, real life stories are in. Even in the german speaking blogoshpere.
  10. Note to myself: adjust Facebook application’s privacy settings immediately and change email address annually!

Mobile Tagging made in AT

Christian Spanring’s BeeTagg feedCongrats to BeeTagg! Their mobile tagging technology is now supported by One, the Austrian mobile carrier recently acquired by Orange.

It was at the BarCamp Vienna in June when I attended a presentation, given by Martin, of BeeTagg. Mobile tagging is somehow the link between the real world and the virtual internet world. By taking a picture of a special graphical code, the BeeTagg in our case, with a cell phone, users are able to retrieve information about a product, location, etc. from the internet. It’s an easy and straight forward solution to provide information online and place a link pointing there at any place in the real world.

E.g. I can add a BeeTagg to my business card which links to this site. It allows users to access my site directly by just taking a picture and without typing in the entire website address.

However, one question remains: what about iPhone support?

[via Mobile Zeitgeist]

From werkzeugH to Microsoft

Oh yes, the venue certainly does look different…

werkzeugHMicrosoft Office Vienna

Since the last one at werkzeugH felt very cosy, I’m pretty curious how a BarCamp with 100+ people will be. We’ll find out next Saturday!

BarCamp Vienna III

Still one month to go and the attendees list holds already over 60 entries, the maybe attendees are more than 40 by today. Not bad!

It’s planned to be a two day event this time, held at the Microsoft office on 29th and 30th September in Vienna (and no, it’s not going to be a Microsoft assessment center!).

There are several places where Barcamp attendees gather online (XING event, Facebook group, Facebook event, Upcoming event) but if you would like to come, make the organizers life easier by adding your name to the main attendees list.

BarCamp Vienna September 2007

See you there!

BarCamp Vienna TV coverage

Puls TV, the local Viennese TV network, did a short report about the latest BarCamp Vienna (in German language), explaining the motivation and giving an impression of the atmoshere there:

via [Zuckerwatte] via [Helge]

Plain lazy

BarCamp ViennaAs we found out yesterday the Viennese BarCamp audience are lazy travellers and not, unlike other nations, wandering like pilgrims from one BarCamp to another.

Nevertheless BarCamp Vienna was a great event and everyone interested in local Viennese yourfavoriteweb2.0buzzwordgoeshere projects, people, discussions, etc. is encouraged to join one of the upcoming BarCamps in Vienna. Since we aren’t going anywhere this’ll be the only possible way to get personally in touch with us.

One thing I definitely learned yesterday was that Open Space Technology is a brilliant method to initiate very productive discussions. Maybe it’s because of the participants, who else other than enthusiastic people decide to get up early and spend an entire Sunday at an unconference instead of relaxing at a pool, or is it because the self-organization makes most participants feel somehow responsible for the event and therefore they really try to get the best out of it?

Anyways, it’s a good concept and I wonder if OST can be successfully transferred to other topics in my field too, definitely worth a try.

Thanks to the organizers and werkzeugH, they did a wonderful job!

BarCamp, here!

After organizing the long weekend trip – finally we decided to go to a friends weekend house at Balaton – I know now for sure that I’ll make it to the next BarCamp Vienna.

It’ll take place next Sunday June 10, 2007 at werkzeugH, starting at 10am with breakfast.

I’m pretty looking forward to it since I think it’s a good opportunity to meet up with a bunch of interesting people in a pleasant Sunday atmosphere.

Of course everyone is very welcome to drop by, but if you plan to do so, I think organizers will appreciate your entry in the participants list first.

BarCamp Vienna, June 10th 2007, werkzeugH