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AdSense + Feedburner

when it’s time to change, then it’s time to change:
So as most of you know by now, FeedBurner is now part of Google and I’m now working on the AdSense Product Management team helping integrate all we built over the last three years into Google.

I’m not sure if I’m going to like this since it certainly will increase ads in feeds. Feeds should remain plain, clean and, above all, free from ads, even from unobtrusive AdSense.

One major advantage of feeds is their compact style of information, which allows me to screen and read them quickly. Advertising would mean distraction and therefore destroy a major part of the concept. No, I’m definitely not going to like this. [via GWB]

FON blocking AdSense?

FONSince a few days I don’t see any AdSense ads anymore. I guess now I have it confirmed, while being logged in somewhere else than at my FON access point, that’s a FON problem, again.

No big deal, I don’t need to see AdSense ads. Well, I mean, sometimes I would like to check which ads appear on my sites, but it’s not that important.

Unlike for Google as I suppose: I doubt the FON sponsor is very happy about the fact that Google AdSense won’t be displayed in parts of the FON network.

AdSense down?

Server not foundCan’t be, no AdSense ad is showing up. Nowhere. Even on a high traffic sites like Digg the ad banner remains empty. Or maybe it’s just a local problem within my network.

However, I guess now I understand what does it mean to depend on a single revenue stream: no AdSense server, no income.

Blog ads

Latey I was testing some alternative affiliate programs to Google’s AdSense:

To make it short: none of them works on a blog like this is. After 2 months of testing I’m removing them now and stick with AdSense, which is IMHO the best option here.

Frankly, it’s not my primary interest to generate revenue on this blog. It’s mainly a hobby, I’m doing it just for fun and for sort of professional communication and discussion.

This doesn’t mean that the above mentioned affiliate programs won’t work for you. The content of this personal blog is probably too diversified and traffic too low to attract any Performancing or Text Link Ads clients. AdSense works contextual and runs the ideal ad for each post, page and visitor.

If you’re thinking about to run ads of those affiliate programs on your blog, I’d suggest you

  • limit the content of your blog to a niche
  • ensure a decent readership and traffic (I would say at least 20k pages/month or 100 subscribers) before becoming an affiliate partner

Talking about blogs and ads: don’t start cluttering up your feeds with ads! RSS focuses on pure information, text-only if possible. I find ads there very annoying, not to say that it’s nearly a reason to unsubscribe such feeds.

AdSense image tricks

I’ve seen those AdSense image tricks quite a lot over the internet: place images close to your AdSense Ads to draw more attention to your Ads or make your visitor believe the images are directly related to the displayed Ads. There even exists a WordPress plugin that does that trick.

A very questionable method to increase your click rate.

Google now clarifies the situation and clearly doesn’t allow such misleading image placements any longer. Since Google’s contextual Ad technology is quite smart, I bet they’ll find a method to discover such image placement automatically and block AdSense there.

Big European Google Maps update

The Google Maps update in Europe came just in time to sell some location aware advertising during FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany. Address finder and address based routing are not working yet (at least I wasn’t able to find a single address in Vienna), but AdSense already does quite a good job while searching Google Local.

Location aware AdSense

The german IT news site Heise reported that Google is about to release a Version of their AdSense program that refers ads to coordinates instead of keywords. Thus map featured web sites could place ads related to the location the user is currently viewing.