Python Flickr API geo-search example

I just started using the wonderful flickrapi Python interface for, well, searching Flickr for geocoded photos around given locations. It’s fairly easy to use and does most things for you. You start with a Flickr API object…

import flickrapi
api_key = '1234567890'
flickr = flickrapi.FlickrAPI(api_key, cache=True)

…replace some dots with underscores in the Flickr API methods…

photos = flickr.photos_search(tags='boston', lat='42.355056', lon='-71.065503', radius='5')

…and loop through the parsed results…

for photo in photos[0]:
	print photo.attrib['title']
	photoLoc = flickr.photos_geo_getLocation(photo_id=photo.attrib['id'])
	print photoLoc[0][0].attrib['latitude']
	print photoLoc[0][0].attrib['longitude']
	photoSizes = flickr.photos_getSizes(photo_id=photo.attrib['id'])
	print photoSizes[0][1].attrib['source']


The above code example lists title, latitude, longitude and thumbnail-source of photos found in a 5km radius search around the Boston Common.

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