Lessons learned today

  1. Google killed the hyperlink by introducing PageRank. The idea behind PageRank (the more links point to a site, the higher the site’s relevance) makes some of us be suspicious before clicking a link. Why is this link there? Does it provide further information for me or is it just a backlink to increase the target site’s PageRank? Am I’m going to be cheated? Before Google came, hyperlinks provided information and content, not backlinks. Yes, once upon a time, content was the scale for relevance.
  2. Internet is fun. Social software is even more fun and questioning male ranking concepts is allowed. People, don’t take it too serious!
  3. The last word on blog-usability isn’t spoken yet. The constantly changing chronological site structure is irritating. And that’s only the beginning.
  4. In Austrian rural areas you can do solid business while enjoying a relaxing life.
  5. None of the BarCamp alpha geeks today had an iPhone. The iPhone is an illusion.
  6. Currently there is no way to make easy money with blogs.
  7. I support the Free Burma Action because I felt the need to do something. I’m a lucky person, I was born into a world where previous generations already had fought for my rights. I’m deeply impressed by the people in Burma, who stand peacefully up in front of armed soldiers, demanding nothing more than democracy. Something I experienced my entire life as given. Nobody can tell if this action will help, but it’s still better than do nothing and wait what happens next. Thanks to all the valuable input at the Free Burma Session!
  8. Who’s a blogger, who’s not. Or, does anybody really care about that term?
  9. Metablogs are out, real life stories are in. Even in the german speaking blogoshpere.
  10. Note to myself: adjust Facebook application’s privacy settings immediately and change email address annually!
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