Scrobbling again only makes sense if it knows what music you’re listening too. Without that it’s totally useless.

It’s the basis for’s user specific music recommendations and social networking features like music neighbours.

Assumed that the system is working and knows your taste of music, is an excellent way to discover new music.

iTunes 7 stopped the fun:

Thank Apple for silently changing the iTunes AppleScript dictionary definition and breaking it in the first place!

After the update I wasn’t any longer able to sync my iPod playlist with Most of the time I listen to music on the iPod, so I heavily rely on that feature.

Finally I found the right group and thread today that solve all “Track is too short to be submitted” problems. It’s easy, just get the iScrobbler 1.2.1 test 2 version. should address this issue somewhere in the official download section.

Btw, who invented the word scrobbling?

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