Where 2.0 warm-up

Say hi to Sergey, Larry and EricI just got back from the Where 2.0 warm-up at Googleplex, the Google’s Geo Developer Day.

It was really great to see the team behind Google Maps/Earth and to meet up with so many other people sharing the same geo-interests. Of course conferences intend to bring people together, to enable networking, but it was a very friendly atmosphere at Googleplex. Thank you Google team!

If Where 2.0 goes on like this first warm-up day did, it’ll be an amazing conference.

One of the best things today was actually to talk to a few people which I only know from certain blogs or websites.

Mike Pegg said in his talk that Eric Schmidt suggested him and Frank Taylor to put photos on their weblog, so that people know what they look like.

But, where would be the fun if we all would know what we look like.

It wouldn’t be possible talking to someone, after a while asking “Are you related to Brian Timoney?” and getting the answer “Hey, I am Brian Timoney.” (the badge was turned around all the time so I couldn’t read the name on it…).

Apart from the social aspects at Googleplex, Google announced a few more things today:

  • Google Earth version 4 as Universal Binary for Mac OS X, for some Linux distributions and they are still supporting Windows.
  • a huge imagery update around the globe
  • the release of KML 2.1
  • KML integration within Google Maps
  • Google Geocoder as part of the Google Maps API

Btw, all the presentations of today were done in Google Earth. A very nice way if you want to avoid usual presentation methods.

Looking forward to a great Where 2.0 conference tomorrow!

In the meanime the video of the initial presentations and talks is available on Google Video:

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