Vienna Underground Map

Vienna Underground MapAs spring took its time to arrive in Austria and the unfriendly weather forced me to stay at home I started playing around with the Google Maps API again. A few weeks ago I saw those nice underground maps for London and Madrid and thought that I’ll create one for Vienna.

All the necessary information like positions, line numbers, station names, etc. are stored within a XML file which I can access by JavaScript and overlay it to my Google Map. Of course it would be possible to pull all that information out of a database too, but for about 40 stations it would rather be an overkill than useful. I thought about extending the map by tramway and bus stations. Then a database solution would make sense as you’ll probably get a few thousand stations to manage.

Additionally I put links to Flickr to the stations, all stored in my XML file. If I found a station relevant photo on Flickr it’ll display within the information bubble directly on the map. A link to Flickr search gives you the photos which contain “Vienna station name“. If you have a photo on Flickr of a certain viennese underground station, just add the appropriate station name and Vienna to its tags, title or description and it’ll be found by this search string. To narrow the results it would be great to have an underground station specific tag like subway or underground.
I think it’s a nice feature. If you don’t know the place you get an image what it looks like, or what the station looks like. Underground photos can be really interesting, frankly, I somehow like them. Once position information is an EXIF tag by default all this search-by-name will be redundant and some strange robots will automatically map your holiday photos. But till then, human beings have to apply names to places.

The points (“U”) in the map only represent the “center” of the station. I didn’t map every single exit. That would be something for my ToDo list.

All in all it isn’t a big deal but I think it’s nice example for testing and learning webmapping APIs. Once ArcWeb SVG Viewer offers some detailed data for my region I’ll probably apply this map for their API. Actually I’m pretty looking forward to try their JavaScript/SVG thing.

Update #1:
More details about Vienna’s underground network you find at

Update #2

Update #3

Update #4:
Improved photo search.

  • sam bargetz

    nette site.
    hab da so ein projekt und brauch hilfe.
    (google maps, ajax…)
    komm aus wien, bin aber schon laenger in brooklyn.
    hast zeit ?

  • DAVE

    hI CAN YOU HELP. Wearrive Vienna by bus from Bratislavia Erabergstrasse about 0030 0n 9th December and want to travel to Roomz Hotel Paragonstrasse. Is this possible as two seniors or would it be quicker to walk if trains not running at this time. Many thanks Dave

  • Christian

    Your hotel seems only 2 blocks from the bus station away, so I’d recommend walking (or a cab) because you probably won’t catch the last train. It shouldn’t take you longer than 10min. The area is safe, as Vienna is generally. Maybe you’ll meet some “interesting” looking teenagers at that time, because an alternative concert venue is just around the corner.

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