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WordPressA few days ago I found the interesting WordPress Heat Map plugin. It lets you create so called heat maps, like those “occurrence-dependent weighted tag clusters” on flickr or Technorati, of your categories and archives. I think those maps are pretty useful. With the help of them you get a first impression about the focus of the site you are visiting and it allows you to jump immediately to (tag)related content. Tags offer you to find, filter and select content of your interest. Considering the online information overload, tags will become and actually already are an essential help to navigate through the web.

Anyway, since I don’t have too many categories nor do I consider archives significant enough for indexing my content, I took the plugin and modified it slightly. Actually I created an additional function. I wanted to show all my Technorati tags as heat map. The Technorati tags in my blog are added with the help of Bunny’s Technorati Tags plugin to my posts, which does the job quite well. So I developed a function which reads my Bunny’s Technorati Tags and shows them as a heat map. It’s just a small bridge between both plugins.

Feel free to download and use it!

For further information on installation and usage check this website (the plugin was originally done by Christoph). The only difference is that if you want to display your Bunny’s Technorati Tags you have to call the heatmap_bunnytags function like:

heatmap_bunnytags( [your parameters here] );

And if you would like to link to your Technorati-blog-search you should add your blog-url on line 173:

$myblogurl = "http://yourblog.com";

As you can read in the comments below I installed the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin. It’s a very powerful tag administration tool which does tag heat maps among other things.

  • http://this.bigstereo.net travis

    thank you!

    i didn’t go with this solution. but it made me find the solution i wanted (ultimate tag warrior). had i not read your post i would’ve never thought about this.

  • http://spanring.name/ christian

    i saw your post and solution at bigstereo. now i installed the ultimate tag warrior here too because my orignal plan was to get a convenient internal tag-search. i didn’t know that utw plugin before. works great, thanks for the hint!

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